A song

I wake at night now
Sometimes just to watch you sleep
It’s not easy
To lie there without a peep
I’m glad you’re resting
And I’m jealous as all hell
But if this is the way I’m getting older, then oh well

I’m so tired
Just from holding up the sky
You could help me
If it weren’t so goddam high
You’ve your burdens
Goddess knows that I’ve got mine
And if we pull together facing forward we’ll be fine

And I remember how we loved one time and you would listen to me
I’d lie to you about my life and you would see right through me
We didn’t heed the function or the substance or the form
So I still hope for a miracle, or maybe just a storm

Don’t want to lose you
To stupidity or time
But as the years pass
I’ll admit it’s on my mind
I guess I’m selfish
Hoping I’m the first to go
But you’re aware that being lonely’s not a thing I know

Night is coming
Hope we’ve built our house to last
When the snow falls
I know it’ll come in fast
And I welcome
The idea of slowing down
Especially when morning comes around

But I remember all those nights when we flew out among the stars
And dancing bad or chopping wood we knew the world was ours
And don’t think I’ll forget the times we kept each other warm
So I still hope for a miracle or maybe just a storm

Image copyright Laura Zimmerman, used by permission.

I still write sometimes, and I have a buttload of already-written stuff. So there you go.

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