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Leaves in the Snow copyright Laura Zimmerman, used by permission

Winter came early this year,
We’re in for it, now, the second of November

And the next six months beyond.

Seeing the snow,
And the leaves inside it, though
It’s hard to be sorry.

They glow like moments,
Summer drops,
The life of trees, frozen —

Literally frozen! —

Into the coming winter.

Oh, glorious, the orange on the white.

I wonder: if polar bears knew how good that looked,
Would they delight our eyes
And accessorize?

I don’t believe in God these days,
For His good and for mine:

Less anger, if the universe is random,
Less hurt, less rage, less blame.

And most days, the crystalline beauty
Of a random moment
Stolen from chaos
Is enough.

On days like this, though, sometimes,
I would like someone to thank.

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