I’m not exactly an atheist, but I’m not exactly not, either. I was pagan for a bit, and I attend a UU church.

I would say that I take great comfort in the randomness of the universe. A beautiful sunset, the majesty of the ocean, the soft look in my lover’s eyes, all are gifts most of all because they are sent by no one, and each moment is precious not because I will see it again in heaven or because it is a gift from some big bearded guy in the sky or some crystalline being from beyond the stars, but because it is the only moment I can ever experience as this person, because each second I’m in changes me, because each part of the river of time I experience is mine and only mine, and because the closest I can get to you, or my pet, or my child is the skin or the mind.

These things are awesome, and perfect, and flawed, and none of them require a god.

I still write sometimes, and I have a buttload of already-written stuff. So there you go.

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