What would my perfect day look like?

Thanks to John Gorman for the idea. I don’t have a spiral-bound notebook, though, so:


5:00: Alarm goes off. Get up. Feed cats, get dressed for gym, get dog out, possibly walk dog. Let chickens out. Put away any dishes in drainer, wash any dishes in sink. Write for 20 minutes and drink a coffee.

6:00: Gym. Cardio on Mondays, lifting other days.

7:00: Shower. Coffee. Dress for work. Breakfast if really hungry — probably an egg, or possibly leftovers. Pack lunch — leftovers, or a sandwich, and a vegetable.

7:40: Leave for work on bus.

8:00: Get to work. Lay out tasks for day; catch up on any email. As far as possible, do “creative” tasks in the morning — make budgets, put together justifications, meet 1-on-1 with faculty, emails, etc.

Hourly: Take a short walk to get at least 250 steps.

12:00: Eat packed lunch. Take slightly longer walk. Maybe coffee?

12:30: More work. As far as possible, do more task-based things now: Data entry, checking budgets, drafting budget justifications, harassing people.

4:45: Leave to go home on bus. Hopefully catch the 4:51.

5:15: Get home. Walk dog. Start dinner on cooking nights, eat and hang out with Laura.

6:30 or 7: Nightly activity: Tuesday gaming, Wednesday and Thursday music, Monday/Friday hang out with Laura, other one music.

8:30 or 9:00: Side work? If not, hang out with Laura. TV? Reading? Driving around? Clean a thing? Write more?

10:30: Ready for bed. Lay out gym clothes and next day clothes.


7:00: Get up. Dog, cats, dishes, coffee.

8:00: Long walk with dog and possibly Laura.

9:00: Clean something. Shower. Mow lawn/shovel?

10:30: Tea with Laura.

12:00: Individual music practice.

1:00: Clean/organize something or other house projects.

3:00: Call dad.

3:30: Text Ray.

4:00: Writing

6:00: Make dinner with Laura. Start bread.

8:00: Show? If not, go out or stay in as appropriate.

10:30–12: Ready for bed.


7:00: Get up, morning stuff etc. Bake bread if ready.

8:00: Walk with Laura in Arboretum.

9:00: Church? If not, more arb? Brunch?

11:00: If church, Brunch?

1:00: If 1 & 3 Sunday, gym.

2:00: If 4th Sunday, Bos.

5:00: Dinner. Movies?

8:00: Grocery shopping

9:00: Relax.

10:30: Lay out gym clothes, bed.

So there you have it. I am the most boring person ever.

I still write sometimes, and I have a buttload of already-written stuff. So there you go.

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